(Roget's IV) v.
1. [To go with]
Syn. escort, attend, chaperon, be a companion to, tend, be with, go with, keep one company, follow, guard, guide, usher, lead (in), show around, show in, show the way, conduct, squire, bring, convoy, go along with, associate with, consort with, go around with, go out with, take out*, keep company with, give safe conduct, look after, hang around with, hang out with*, hang out together*, band together, bear one company, tag along with*, be by one's side.
2. [To supplement]
Syn. add to, complete, append; see supplement .
3. [To occur with]
Syn. occur with, happen with, coexist with, appear with, be connected with, go hand in hand with, go together with, take place with, go hand in glove with, occur in association with, characterize, co-occur.
Syn.- accompany means to go or be together with as a companion, associate, attribute, etc., and usually connotes equality of relationship [ he accompanied her to the theater ] ; attend implies presence either in a subordinate position or to render services [ Dr. Jones attended the patient ] ; escort and convoy are both applied to the accompanying, as by an armed guard, of persons or things needing protection (convoy , esp. in the case of sea travel and escort , in the case of land travel); escort also implies accompanying as a mark of honor or an act of courtesy; chaperon implies accompaniment, for reasons of propriety, of young unmarried people by an older or married person
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) v.
go with, escort, pair, tend, chaperone, show around, protect, guide, usher, be one's sidekick, *hang out with, consort, keep company, *shadow, *tag along, join.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) verb To be with or go with (another): attend, companion, company, escort. Obsolete: consort. Idiom: go hand in hand with. See ACCOMPANIED.

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